Relaxing Time

Relaxation is necessary in one’s day to day active life. I work hard but my energy is limited, and if i spends too much time in work i feel tired. To move out of our daily hectic schedule life or more specific to relax, I use to perform several activities of my choice to get relax by having a cup of coffee with my family memebers and humours chatting makes my mind light. My double booster is playing with my kids.

Spend Time With Nature

In weekends i use to spend my time with nature related places like park etc.. Everyone has a comfortable place to relaxation. When I look around me, in the free time when I'm outside somewhere, I see beautiful bright clear things. For example, the tall green grass and the leave on the trees dancing in the breeze. If i m their in my home town i use to Planting trees in the weekends and watering them every evening it give me Peace and relaxing mindset to me. Going to Swimming in the weekends it gives me more relaxation to my mind and body.

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“We become what we think about”

“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from our own actions.”