College Education

College Life is one of the most remarkable and lovable times of an individual's life. Unlike School Life and College Life has a different experience, College life exposes me to new experiences and things that we were not familiar with the earlier..

  • IFET College of Engineering, Anna UniversityIFET College of Engineering, Anna University -Villupuram ,India
  • B.Tech(Information Technology)
  • Completed:2001 - 2005

college life remains a memorable time for all of us. I went through a lot of changes when I enter college. When I entered college there were full of unfamiliar faces where I need to mingle with. It teaches me to socialize and form opinions of our own. In college, I learnt to be free and they lead on to become more confident and composed.

College life teaches me to be independent. It makes me stronger and teaches me to fight our own battles. It also makes me serious about our careers. In our college life, the teacher-student relationship becomes a bit informal. They become more or less like our friends and we share our troubles and happiness with them as we did with our friends.

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“We become what we think about”

“Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from our own actions.”